dance karaoke

a dance together event in a club.

Dance karaoke transfers the idea of ​​song karaoke to dance. We ask residents of a city to spontaneously dance to a song of their choice in front of our camera in their own environment, in their home, work or on the playground or in urban areas. From the video material obtained, we create video dance clips that are presented as part of a club / theater event. The visitors of the dance karaoke event choose their favorite clip to which they want to dance. The clips are projected onto a large screen in front of a dance floor, where several people can dance. The event is led by a DJ. Dance karaoke wants to revive the old tradition of dancing together and borrows the setting from the entertainment industry. Dance karaoke traces the “star cult” generation and caricatures this contemporary phenomenon of “being able to be discovered at any time”.

Media & About

Concept / Filming
Willi Dorner

Michael Palm


The project was funded by the City of Vienna-Kulturamt.

Dance karaoke DVDs were commissioned and produced by:
Tanzquartier Wien TQW, Dance4 UK, Dublin/Ireland, Bolzano/Italy, Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Austria,  * star version with choreographers of the „ImPulstanz“ Festival Vienna, Vienna, STUK Leuven, Belgium, Brunnenpassage Vienna Edition I-II-III, TU / CCNN Centre choréographique National de Nantes

We are working on a European Edition of Dance Karaoke.