Homo ad Quadratum

Solo for a dancer and a stick.

“Is man the measure of all things? The person whose body parts were assumed to measure the world in order to then build a human-friendly architecture with the help of body measurements or the meter as the forty millionth part of an earth meridian, i.e. a unit of measurement independent of the person and the associated decimal calculation systems based on the metric basic unit, instead of “palmi” (hands) or “digiti” (fingers) or “pes” (feet) as the sub-units of meters and centimeters and millimeters. So are there two measuring systems facing each other in the Solo? The human being as the anthropomorphic measure, and the abstract measuring system in the form of the meter, as the geomorphic, earth-oriented measure? Or a person in his natural, individual form and an abstract object? The solo lets us experience the contrast between organic and geometric form in a very reduced form.”

A production of Cie. Willi Dorner.
A commissioned work for ‘Wiener Festwochen’ and ‘ImPulsTanz Festival’. With the support of the cultural office of the City of Vienna and the Federal Chancellery. KUNST.


Concept / Idea
Willi Dorner

Heinz Ditsch

Esther Steinkogler

Premiere 6. August 2000 in the course of festival “tanz 2000.at” Performances in Brazil, the Netherlands, UK, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, France and Austria. 



Der Standard
Helmut Ploebst, August 2017

“Als Gegenpol zur spektakulären Aufgeregtheit des Gegenwartstanzes wirkt dieses Solo heute noch um einiges radikaler als zur Blütezeit des choreographischen Konzeptualismus im Jahr 2000.”

“As a counterpoint to the spectacular excitement of contemporary dance, this solo seems a lot more radical today than it did at the heyday of choreographic conceptualism in 2000. ”