we are the city

A parade of the diverse members, groups, communities, clubs, crafts, associations, societies of a city in conjunction with Willi Dorner.

„In the parade „we are the city“ I give people a face that do for us daily services that we take for granted. I want them to get attention and recognition.
They are an important part in city life and they deserve to be appreciated with what they contribute to the community. I see the march as a political statement. It takes place in an area that needs also the attention of a wider public. I invite all the residents to celebrate with us.“

Media & About

Concept, Choreography
Willi Dorner

Tom Rea Smith

The project was first-commissioned by MDI and the Foundation of Community Dance for the Big Dance Weekender 2014.

June 14, 2015 – Festival de Marseille, F
La Canabière, vieux port MUCEM
The parade marked the opening of the 20th Festival de Marseille.

local choreographers in Marseille:

Sung-ah Cho, Rocio Berenguer, Nathalie Besson, Karim Dehdouh, Julien Dégremont, Mathilde Grandguillot Patricia Guannel, Antoine Le Menestrel, Alice Ruffini


July 13, 2014 – Big Dance Week 2014, Liverpool, UK,
Anfield Road and Stanley Park
supported by Moving Dance Forward – an MDI and Dance Manchester vision for dance in the North West of England

local choreographers in Liverpool:

Paul Doyle, Ruth Jones, Jennifer Hale, Leila Chebbi and Jo Ashbridge
The parade in Marseille was produced by Festival Marseille 2015.


La Provence
Gwenola Gabellec June, 2015

“Avec “We are the City”, le chorégraphe Willi Dorner a célébré les anonymes.”

La Marseillaise
Houda Benallal, June, 2015

“… un bouquet de mouvements …”

Jo Ashbridge – The community dance magazine, Summer 2014

„It’s a celebration of the everyday“

Karen Gallagher, The community dance magazine, Summer 2014

“a tapestry of Liverpool life, an intervention, a disturbance and a process in considering how we use and define movement to make a statement about people and place.”